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Wednesday, September 03, 2014 / 8 Elul 5774
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Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn
Our community Liaison: 718-283-1477
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Levaya is for:
Joe Kishk
Hebrew:  יוסף בן בהיה
Yosef ben Bahia
Deceased On: 9/1/2014
Family Members:
Wife: Esther
Children: Abie, Michelle Kamar, Jack
Siblings: Jack A"H, Mary Hidary A"H, Molly Chera A"H, Leila Hemsoni A"H, Rachel Abadi A"H, Sally Esses, Ike A"H, Moe Kishk, Adele Setton
Prayer Times:
6:30 Selihot, 7am & 7pm
Sitting at:
1737 E 5th St Quentin & P
Arayat Details:
The Arayat will be
Shiva Until: 9/8/2014
Levaya is for:
Mr.Marc Gindi
Hebrew:  משה בן פרידה
Moshe ben Frieda
Deceased On: 8/30/2014
Family Members:
Wife: Ruth Gindi A"H
Children:Frieda Cohen, Aaron Gindi, Marlene Mamiye, Jeannette Sabbagh,Ralph Gindi
Siblings: Jack A'H, Eli A'H, Charlie A"H, Sam A'H, Irving A"H, Molly Harari A"H, Sally Suede A'H and Sylvia Harary
Prayer Times:
Monday: Selihot 7:30am, Shaharit 8:00am, Minha/Arbit 7:00pm
Rest of the week: Selihot 6:30am, Shaharit 7:00am, Minha/Arbit 7:00pm
Sitting at:
1827 Ocean Pkwy
Btw R & S
Arayat Date:
Arayat Details:
The Arayat will be on Thursday Sept 4th at Mikdash Eliyahu Synagogue on Ave U in Brooklyn. Tehillim starts at 4:30pm followed by speeches at 6:00pm, and Minha/Arbit at 6:45pm.
Shiva Until: 9/6/2014
Levaya is for:
Chaoul Dabbah
Hebrew:  שאול בן זקיע
Chaoul ben Zekie
Deceased On: 8/27/2014
Family Members:
Wife: Marcelle Dabbah
Children: Steve Dabbah, Albert Dabbah, and Viviane Breitbart Dabbah,
Shiva Until: 9/3/2014