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Friday, June 23, 2017 / 29 Sivan 5777
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For a barren woman to have children - Perek 102, 103
For a woman during pregnancy - Perek 128
For a woman in labor - Perek 20
For prevention of miscarriage - Perek 1


A payer against the trait of haughtiness - Perek 131
Against Jealousy - Perek 69
Fearing that one's words will not be listened to - Perek 14
For help in controlling oneself from speaking gossip - Perek 52
For help in fighting evil inclination - Perek 56, 59
For help in keeping an oath - Perek 132
For one who has had a frightening experience and is fearful - Perek 53
For one who is fearful of being in a certain home - Perek 61
Maintain Torah Principles/ Do not envy evil people - Perek 37
To discourage oneself from sinning - Perek 12
To fortify one's faith and resist outside temptations - Perek 81
To improve relationship between husband and wife - Perek 139
To increase love - Perek 138
To make family members happy - Perek 96, 97
To prevent being influenced to do wrong - Perek 95
To remove bad feelings between husband and wife - Perek 140
To remove hatred - Perek 137
To resolve to act properly between man and God - Perek 101

End of Exile/Mashiach

A prayer for the coming of the Mashiach - Perek 45, 68
A prayer for the end of our exile - Perek 42, 67, 73, 126


Before the study of Torah - Perek 134
For a child who is crying - Perek 8, 9
For a friend or relative in difficulty - Perek 20
For a person in difficulty - Perek 25, 26, 86
For any need - Perek 4
For help in become Pious - Perek 99
For help in responding to non-believers - Perek 118
For one who has a frightful experience - Perek 145
For one who has been falsely slandered - Perek 117
For one who is detention - Perek 71
For one who is imprisoned - Perek 56
For prevention of difficulty - Perek 77
For the end of the sorrows of the Jewish people - Perek 43
For wisdom - Perek 19
In a fire - Perek 148, 149
In praise of righteousness - Perek 112
Material things have no permanence - Perek 49
The glory of Jerusalem: past and present - Perek 87
To be received well by others - Perek 15
To be saved from any difficulty - Perek 30
To be saved from bad advice - Perek 12
To be saved from gossip - Perek 14
To be saved from water or fire - Perek 76
To find favor in the eyes of a friend - Perek 85
To Find Favor in the eyes of others - Perek 42, 72, 8
To have more friends - Perek 111
To identify a thief - Perek 16
To maintain or increase a friendship - Perek 133
To make peace between people - Perek 98
To see great miracles - Perek 92


A prayer for one who is suffering - Perek 39
For a friend or relative who is ill - Perek 20
For a heart problem - Perek 141
For a pain in the arm - Perek 143
For a pain in the thighs - Perek 142
For Illness in the Eye - Perek 6, 13
For one has broken a hand - Perek 144
For one plagued with illness - Perek 89
For one who has been bitten by a snake - Perek 147
For one who has been weakened by illness - Perek 84
For Shoulder and Headache - Perek 3
To relive a headache - Perek 2


A declaration of God's providence through our history - Perek 105
A declaration of the greatness of God - Perek 113
A praise of God - Perek 66
A prayer for God to help His people - Perek 80
A statement o Faith - Perek 23, 33
A statement o Faith and Appreciation of God - Perek 40
A statement: Trust in God, not in man - Perek 146
God is always there, though people may not be - Perek 41
The awesomeness of God - Perek 29
The smallness of man compared to the greatness of God - Perek 90
To praise God for his deeds - Perek 150
We thank God for His providence - Perek 107


A prayer for help against our enemies - Perek 123
A prayer for the end of all wars - Perek 46, 47
Against Evil Spirits - Perek 5
Before confronting an enemy - Perek 22
Before going to war - Perek 60
Faith in God to protect us from enemies - Perek 92
For peace with an enemy - Perek 28
For peace with enemies - Perek 110
For protection - Perek 91
For protection against a flood - Perek 24
For Protection Against Enemies - Perek 7, 9, 10, 35, 44, 50, 54, 74, 104, 109
For protection against sudden or unusual death - Perek 116
For protection at night - Perek 121
For protection during a war - Perek 83
For protection from a ferocious dog - Perek 58
For protection from a snake or scorpion - Perek 120
For protection from danger - Perek 11
For protection from enemies on the road - Perek 125
For protection from evil - Perek 36
For protection from evil people - Perek 11
For Protection from Gossip - Perek 38
For protection from Harm - Perek 119
For protection from the evil eye - Perek 31
For protection from thieves - Perek 18, 50
For protection from tragedy - Perek 13
For protection of a newborn child - Perek 127
For protection of the city or congregation - Perek 88
For success against enemies - Perek 94, 100
For the destruction of the enemies of our people - Perek 79
In praise of God for protecting our People from their enemies - Perek 129
In war - Perek 70
That our enemies receive what they deserve - Perek 55
To conquer a city - Perek 27
To put fear in the hearts of one's enemies - Perek 48, 53
When confronting wild animals - Perek 22


A prayer for forgiveness - Perek 51, 62, 75, 130
A request for the mercy of God - Perek 32
For help in repenting - Perek 135
For repentance - Perek 136
Please, God, have mercy on us even if we are not deserving - Perek 106


Before meeting with a government official - Perek 34
Before meeting with an important person - Perek 122
For financial success - Perek 24
For one who buys and sells - Perek 114
For Success - Perek 57, 108
For Success In A Court Case - Perek 7, 73, 93, 119
For success in a court case - Perek 119
For success in an argument against nonbelievers - Perek 115
For success in business - Perek 63
For success in one's mission - Perek 82
For success in requesting something from someone - Perek 65
For success in spiritual matters - Perek 39
For success on a trip - Perek 17
If one was replaced in his position - Perek 41, 42, 43
To find favor in the eyes if the government - Perek 78


Before a trip - Perek 34
Before Crossing a sea - Perek 21
For one going on the road - Perek 119
In a sea storm - Perek 2
When crossing a river - Perek 64


Before a trip - Perek 34
Before Crossing a sea - Perek 21
For one going on the road - Perek 119
In a sea storm - Perek 2
When crossing a river - Perek 64
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Levaya is for:
Arthur Djmal
Hebrew:  אברהם בן מזל
Avraham ben Mazal
Deceased On: 6/22/2017
Family Members:
Parents: Molly Djmal & Jack Djmal A"H.
Wife: Lisa Djmal
Children: Marlene Rawas, Renee Mann, Jack Djmal, Michelle Sassoon, and Maurice Djmal.
Siblings: Joseph Djmal, Richard Djmal and Nancy Shalom.
Prayer Times:
Shaharit: 7AM
Minha/Arbit: 7PM
Sitting at:
18 Jerome Ave
Deal, NJ 07723
Arayat Details:
Shiva Until: 6/29/2017
Levaya is for:
Yechezkel Nakar
Hebrew:  יחזקאל עזרא בן אהובה הביבה
Yechezkel Ezra ben Ahuva Haviva
Deceased On: 6/21/2017
Family Members:
Wife: Sarah Nakar
Children: Yehuda Nakar, Shoshana Beyda, Atara Alfi, Moshe Nakar, Daniel Nakar and Isaac Nakar
Siblings: Masouda Fleigman & Esther Cohen
Prayer Times:
Shaharit: 7:00am
Minha/Arbit: 7:00pm
Sitting at:
1659 East 9th street
Btw P & Quentin
Moshe & Daniel will be going to Israel and will be back Sunday morning Be"H.
Arayat Details:
The Arayat will be TBA
Shiva Until: 6/28/2017
Levaya is for:
Sarah Heiney
Hebrew:  שרה בת שמחה
Sarah bat Simcha
Deceased On: 6/20/2017
Family Members:
Husband: Israel Heiney A"H
Children: Eleanor Schermer, Joe Heiney and Michael Heiney
Siblings: Fred Fallas A"H, Effie Saka, Sol Fallas A"H, Al Fallas A"H, Adele Gemal, Hy Fallas A'H, Joe Fallas, Marlo Eastman and Irving Fallas A"H
Prayer Times:
Sitting at:
112 Ocean Avenue
Corner of Phillips Avenue
Arayat Details:
The Arayat will be TBA
Shiva Until: 6/27/2017
Levaya is for:
Rachel (Chouli) Rofe
Hebrew:  רחל בת מרים
Rachel bat Miriam
Deceased On: 6/19/2017
Family Members:
Husband: Elie (Loulou) Rofé A'H
Siblings: Abraham (Mino) Abikzir A'H, Noussy Pensa
Children: Albert A'H, André, René
Prayer Times:
7:00am (Sunday 8:00am) & 7pm
Sitting at:
231 Park Ave., Oakhurst, NJ
Arayat Details:
The Arayat will be
Shiva Until: 6/26/2017
Levaya is for:
Hezkiel (Charlie) Chemtob
Hebrew:  Yehezkel בן Rachel
Yehezkel ben Rachel
Deceased On: 6/17/2017
Family Members:
Wife: Camille (Habert) Chemtob
Children: Marco, Shelley Abramson, Elie
Siblings: Henry (Rony), Suzy Romano, Joey, Solly a"h
Prayer Times:
Shaharit 7am
Minha/Arbit 7am
Sitting at:
711 Crawford Avenue
Shiva Until: 6/23/2017
Levaya is for:
Julie Rosenblatt
Hebrew:  Shayna Yehudis בת Gita
Shayna Yehudis bat Gita
Deceased On: 6/17/2017
Family Members:
Husband: Larry
Children: Alex & Daniel
Sisters: Nancy Chira, Linda Allen and Jane Scher
Sitting at:
The Home of Nancy Chira
270 Park Ave
Elberon NJ 07740
Shiva Until: 6/25/2017