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Monday, May 25, 2020 / 2 Sivan 5780
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Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn
Our community Liaison: 718-283-1477
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  Beracha for the Sick Configured For:   בן

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Levaya is for:
Sophie Kassin
Hebrew:  סופיה בת זקיה
Sophia bat Zekiya
Deceased On: 5/23/2020
Family Members:
Spouse: Victor Hymie Kassin

Children: Rhonda Mizrahi & Sherry Haber

Siblings: Sally Cohen, Emilia Masri (Mexico), Celia Saff A"H, Esther Kassin A"H, Jacobo Cherem A"H, Leo Cherem A"H, Elvia Kassab A"H, & Albert Cherem A"H
Prayer Times:
Sitting at:
Due to current circumstances, the family is sitting privately, If you you like to contact the family the numbers are listed below: Victor "Hymie" Kassin (718)734-8341, Rhonda Mizrahi (917) 623-6322, Sherry Haber (718)490-1000, Sally Cohen (718)375-1390 or cell (718) 200-4826(calls Only)
Arayat Details:
Shiva Until: 5/28/2020
Levaya is for:
Isaac Gadeh
Hebrew:  ׳צחק בן לוסי
Yishak ben Lucy
Deceased On: 5/19/2020
Family Members:
Yitzchak Ben Lucy
Isaac Gadeh A”H

Esther Gadeh 646-546-8548

Lucy Hassoun 917-470-4763
Mark Gadeh 646-266-8802
Grace Israel 646-269-2884
Soly Gadeh 646-262-9369

Marcelle Nakash, Touna Swed, Stella Tarab, Solomon Gadeh, Shafia Izon, Sarah Menasche, Selly Bitan
Prayer Times:
Due to the current situation there are no prayers scheduled
Sitting at:
708 Neck Road (in a tent in the back yard)
Shiva Until: 5/25/2020
More Info:
Tenahamu Min Hashamayim