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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 / 5 Ab 5778
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Levaya is for:
Mordechai Hazan
Hebrew:  מרדכי בן סלחה
Mordechai ben Selha
Deceased On: 7/13/2018
Family Members:
Wife: Malka A"H
Children: Shaya Hazan, Gabi Hazan, and Ronit Azran
Sitting at:
Shiva will be in Israel
Arayat Details:
The Arayat will be
Shiva Until: 7/20/2018
Levaya is for:
Mrs.Suzy Moyal
Hebrew:  סולטנה בת אמדה
Sultana bat Amada
Deceased On: 7/13/2018
Family Members:
Husband: Shlomo Moyal A"H
Children: Ronnie Moyal, Odie Zeevi, Amy Yakoel A"H
Prayer Times:
Sitting at:
23 Morgan Avenue
Deal, NJ
Arayat Details:
The Arayat will be TBA
Shiva Until: 7/19/2018
Levaya is for:
Izzy Abade
Hebrew:  עזרא רפאל בן רחל
Ezra Refael ben Rachel
Deceased On: 7/13/2018
Family Members:
Wife- Rachael Abade
Children: Douglas Abade
and Jane Gammal
Siblings- Jane Chazanoff, Lottie Shrem, Julie Jemal, Rai Berman
Prayer Times:
Shaharit: 7:00am
Minha/Arbit: 7:00pm
Sitting at:
110 Cedar Ave
Allenhurst NJ
Arayat Details:
Shiva Until: 7/21/2018