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Friday, March 05, 2021 / 21 Adar 5781
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Levaya is for:
Bertha Goldsmith
Hebrew:  ברטה בת רחל
Bertha bat Rachel
Deceased On: 3/3/2021
Funeral On: 3/7/2021
Funeral info:
Graveside services Noon on Sunday
Washington Cemetery - 104 Deans Rhode Hall Rd
North Brunswick Township, NJ
Family Members:
Fred Goldsmith - son
Ira Goldsmith - son
Andrew Goldsmith - son
Yvonne Kamen - sister
Rose Feinstein - sister
Abe Braha A"H - brother
Sitting at:
106 Henderson Rd
Arayat Date:
3/13/2021 5:00:00 AM
Shiva Until: 3/13/2021
Levaya is for:
Clement Arzt
Hebrew:  רחמים בן ריתה
Rahamim ben Rita
Deceased On: 3/2/2021
Family Members:
Wife: Marcelle Arzt
Children: Roger Artz, Steve Arzt, Jeff Arzt
Sitting at:
Due to COVID, please call/text your condolences. Thank you.

Marcelle Arzt (516) 826-7226
Roger Arzt (732) 778-7668
Steve Arzt (516) 406-1982
Jeff Arzt (516) 313-0995
Arayat Details:
The Arayat will be TBA
Shiva Until: 3/9/2021